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A Tudo Bom - Banquetes, Lda., owner of the website www.tudobom.pt requires a closer reading of the text under, which is related to this site and to all the material in it, for everyone who enter in this website.
Entering and using this website is allowed only within the terms and conditions here outlined and pursuant to the Portuguese Republic law.

} Collecting Information
The only information we will collect, as a result of you visiting our website, will be for creating statistical reports about the origin (Internet service providers ISP and the internet address from where the link to Tudo Bom’s website came from), the date/hour of access and which pages were visited.
The information we collect is for internal analysis purposes only and it will be used to improve this website, concerning function and contents. The information is totally anonymous and it’s impossible to associate it to a specific and identifiable user.

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Tudo Bom’s website DOES NOT use Cookies. These are text files stored by your web browser on your computer that provide information about your use preferences of the site.

} Treatment of Personal Data
Tudo Bom – Banquetes, Lda. Located at Rua Cidade Castelo Branco, 2 - Casal do Cotão 2735-563 Cacém – Portugal, owner of the website "www.tudobom.pt" is the holder of the database created by the personal data insert by the users. Pursuant to the regulation concerning protection of personal data (67/98 of 26th October), Tudo Bom undertakes to perform the obligation of confidentiality on treating the personal data. For this, it will use all necessary means to avoid their alteration, loss, non-authorized treatment or access, however, considering the technology status at any time.
The visitor agrees that the personal data insert on the Contact’s form will be incorporated in an automatic file, hold by Tudo Bom. With this, Tudo Bom may respond to the visitors’ questions, to keep the visitor informed about news, special offers and products in order to offer a better service to the commercial relation established with the client.
Once the data are collected within open networks, the client recognizes that nevertheless the security system used by Tudo Bom, the data might circulate with no security and be seen or used by non-authorized people.
We also inform the client that he/she has the right of access, changing or canceling and that he/she might require it trough a written request to Tudo Bom, sent to the address written above or by email to: geral@tudobom.pt.
We acknowledge that the client agrees with these conditions if he/she uses the button “Send”, which is on the contact’s form.

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